Jul 21, 2004

OH this week is just not my week! I have the worst cold ever...and we all know summer colds are just horrible. My ears, my nose, my sinuses are all plugged up. I'm dizzy too. I went to work yesterday but Les encouraged me to go home. I stayed home today and worked for about 5 hours too (and if I can handle it, I'll do some more today). Good thing I have this new laptop so that I can actually do work without having to wait around for my computer to respond!

Speaking of it, this is a heck of a machine. An iBook G4, 1.2 GHZ processor, 768 MB RAM (I added a 512 MB chip), 60 GB HD, DVD/CD-RW optical slot-loading drive, Mac OS X.3 with iLife, and of course all my great programs such as Macromedia's Studio and Adobe PhotoShop. Of course, the 2nd day I had it, I put a nice big scratch right in the center of the screen. I got a new iSight webcam (firewire..it's awesome...just like the one I have at work) and it fell and scratched the screen.

Speaking of scratches, while driving from work where I had to pick up some stuff I needed (and I shouldn't have been driving, I was so drugged and dizzy) I stopped at Big Mike's to get a sub. My door and my right-hand mirror was replaced recently because of that uninsured motorist hitting it. Well, my stupid mirror scratched alongside a doorbell on the side of the building at Big Mike's, when I was going through the drive-thru. It made a heck of a gauge and completely removed the paint. I was so mad! Things keep happening to my car, and it's making me really upset. When I feel better, I will have to try to do some research and see if I can figure out how to buff, sand, and repaint these scratches on my own. I have touch-up paint, but I'm not just going to paint over the scratch. That would look ridiculous.

Oh well. It's just a car, right? Just like it's just a computer. They both still function perfectly fine. It's just that I try so hard to take care of my stuff and these things happen. Grrrrr....

Man, I'm going to miss Mookie when he leaves next week with Cristina. I know Vader will miss him too. He's a little devil, but it's nice having him around, especially when he gets all cuddly.

Beau and Vader went to the vet last Fri, and Beau will be returning next Monday for dental work. They had to pull his front tooth, poor little guy, because it was completely rotten. I feel like such a bad mother for not noticing! He didn't complain though..and now he's taking antibiotics to help the infection there in his mouth, too. He's sooo good at taking his medications! But he's going back to get his teeth clean. They are absolutely full of plaque, and while it might be too late to save them as it is, we have to give him a chance. Then in a few months I will have to take Vader in. She's only 2 and a half, but she already has some calculus build-up. Since she's so young, I want to make sure she's taken care of and doesn't lose any teeth!

I myself went to the dentist yesterday, and they found 2 more cavities. 2 more! That makes 4 cavities in the past year! I don't get it; I brush twice a day, I rinse with a flouride rinse when I remember, I floss (ok not every day, but I try). I have never had any cavities until I was 27 years old! My teeth are whiter, I've noticed (must be the toothpaste), but the dentist also warned me that there are a lot of suspicious areas between many of my teeth, and that I need to have flouride treatments and floss EVERY NIGHT. Well, I guess perfect teeth can't last forever. I had little plaque and tartar, which was good, but it's between those tight teeth of mine where the problems lay. *sigh*.

Well is there anything good to report? Not really, other than the fact that I received a stipend of $250 to make up for payments towards my health insurance for the past year. I didn't know I got that. So that will help with paying some bills, and I want to put some into my savings account.

Well, that's all I can think about saying for now. My life is boring, the summer is hot, and right now I feel so crappy. I have to get back to work! I hope this cold ends soon.

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