Jul 13, 2004

So I somewhat intoxicated myself yesterday, without meaning to. I was wondering why my stomach was churning all day and why my orange juice smelled funny. I didn't realize until I was in the middle of my workout and suddenly I had to run to the nearest facility and vomit. I never vomit unless I'm really sick. The odd thing, though, was as soon as I got it all out of my system, I was fine, and I went back to my workout.

I talked to James about it and told him that I had mixed a whole day's worth of Reliv into a big gigantic bottle of OJ, and brought it to work with me. I thought it would be easier on my stomach if I just sipped on it throughout the day. Well, I forgot that the Reliv has live enzymes, or amino acids, in it. Plus...sitting outside of the refrigerator causes OJ to spoil, just like milk. It also didn't help that orange juice is very acidic, which pretty much counteracts the effects the the Reliv is supposed to have on me (remove the high acidity in my system). DUH, Michelle! So anyway, the OJ must have begun to ferment. Well no wonder I was feeling weird and lightheaded, and had a pounding headache. It still didn't deter me from the gym, but that's when my system said to me, 'OK! Enough!"

It's funny how you can do such stupid things and be completely oblivious to it. Well, at least I know now to not do that again! When I drank my Reliv this morning, I was a bit hesitant, but I mixed it with milk instead. I think my stomach is happier because of it.

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