Aug 22, 2004

The Great Plan of Happiness

Today my lesson was on the Great Plan of Happiness, as told in Alma 40-42, when Alma explained it to his son Corianton. For some reason, an investigator (or a friend of a member) was in my class instead of Gospel Essentials. I didn't know he wasn't a member, so I breezed through the things we already knew concerning the pre-mortal existence, our mortal probation, the spirit kingdom (paradise and the spirit prision), and then three kingdoms. When I was finished with my lesson, however, he came up to me and wanted to learn more about it. I explained it to him as much as I could, and then sent him to the missionaries to talk with them.

Yet again I had another missionary experience:) I am so grateful for those experiences. My bishop commented as well on how everyone just "flocks" to my class. I even had a member of the stake president in my class!

I'm a good teacher. I now know this. There is so much more I can do, however. I have plenty of ideas, and I'm grateful for the power of the scriptures and the power of prayer that allows me to teach with the spirit.

I am always praying. I pray from morning to night. I have long prayers and conversations with my Father in Heaven. I have short ones. I have prayers in my heart continually. I pray for myself, and I pray for others. How anyone could think that I do not pray enough? I am always fighting off the Adversary. I do not allow him to overcome me . I've gotten many blessings in the past several months. Every time I'm told that my interpretations of personal revelation are right. I'm told that God is pleased with me, and pleased with the choices I have made. I'm told to trust myself and to trust in God. I'm told to be patient and endure...and to serve others. And I do. Not only do I do my best to magnify my calling and teach the gospel at church, but I have had so many opportunties at work and elsewhere to share the gospel. I do. I serve in my community for CCI, a non-profit organization. I can always do more. I try my hardest, I really do.

I read my scriptures often. I pour over them. I love my calling so much; I'm so grateful for the opportunity. They say that the best way to retain knowledge is to teach it to others. This is so true!! Teaching the Book of Mormon has helped me to learn so much more about the gospel. It is such an amazing book!

I love this gospel. I love the Atonement. I love knowing that I can discern truth from non-truths. I am humbly grateful for the knowledge I have gained through my experiences, both good and bad. I'm grateful for the Holy Ghost, and knowing how to recognize it.

Life isn't always easy, and sometimes it's downright painful. But I am still grateful for every second of it. I know it is my probationary state, and I'm grateful for this opportunity to grow closer to my Father in Heaven and to learn through the many trials that do and will come my way.

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