Aug 25, 2004

New blogger design

So, what does everyone think of my new design? Pink is my new color this year, and I thought I'd start using it in my design now that I've gotten used to wearing it and using it in my makeup palette. I got sick of the black and orangish/pink thing I had going on, so I modified a design by Dan Celderholm, called TicTac, and made it my own.

Anyway, not much else going on. I got bored tonight and decided to change the way this looks. I still have to change my entire website, which was done about 3 years ago and is way out of date. Well, the info -- not so much -- but the way it looks -- definitely. I want something that will pretty much match what I have here. My website is just basically my portfolio, my resume, and photos (not to mention my blog). I want it to reflect my taste and style, and right now it's reflecting a Michelle from quite awhile ago.

Oh! I got a brand-new PowerMac G5 at work! It is the fastest machine out there, according to most speed tests. I have dual 2.5 GHZ processors (that's a blazing 5 GHZ) and almost 2GB of RAM. This machine is sweet. Extremely expensive, but I decided a few weeks ago to confront my boss about my unhappiness with how things were going at work and he asked me what he could do. While he can't do much concerning my salary (although we're working on that) he did buy me the sweetest machine available, plus an additional Apple flat-panel monitor. So now I have two flat panel monitors -- side by a 22 inch Cinema display and the other a 17 inch. I now have plenty of room for all my panels, instant messaging windows, email clients, and the like :) It is totally the sweetest system out there.

Anyway, now it's time for bed, so off I go.

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