Sep 17, 2004

feeling better...

Well, despite what I've been told I should be doing, I am 28 years old and I never pulled my own credit report...until a few days ago. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I did find a mistake and I'm in the process of getting that investigated, but my score is pretty high and much better than I expected. I have good credit! My total debt is a lot less than I thought it was, too. That gives me the much needed boost to continue with my goal of paying down my credit card debt (although the vast majority of it is student loans), and to work on increasing my savings account. I also started a stricter budget, and after figuring out my monthly bills, I was also pleasantly surprised to find that my spending money is a lot more than I had previously thought (for some reason I thought all my money went to bills!) Being smarter with that personal cash; using it to pay more on credit card balances, adding to savings, and spending less on stuff I don't need (like, ummm, clothes and shoes) will help me feel more secure.

A lot of people have asked me why I haven't bought a house yet. I know I'm throwing away money on rent, but I simply do not want any more debt, plus I know I am not going to settle in Madison. Sure, I could sell it easily if I decided to leave, but why go through the hassle? Besides, I know me, and then I'd spend much of my extra money on painting, and of course I'd want new furniture (a more classic look), etc and I just don't have the money to do that right now.

I was also considering a new car; a small SUV actually, because my monthly payments would be less and the interest rate would be too, but even though that might be a temporary solution to give me more cash up front, I realized that it would just increase my indebtedness. Plus, I love my car. Sure it doesn't drive as smoothly as the newer cars, but it is unique, it has a fun shape, it drives well, gets great gas mileage, and it just matches my personality. I love my car -- I just wish I could get the spedometer fixed for less than $400!

But anyway, I'm glad I pulled my credit report. I feel much better about myself and the strides I have made since I lived in Spain and had all those problems with my credit. I'm more mature, wiser, and learning more about how to handle money. I'm not the greatest, but I'm getting better, and I'm grateful that I overcame my fear and got my report. It will help me find solutions to decrease my indebtedness.

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