Sep 7, 2004

Iraq bound

Well, my sister and I had some fun today shopping for Jason and his buddies. I baked some of my famous chocolate chip cookies (well, my sister and I baked them) and sealed those up for shipment. My secret ingredient allows the cookies to remain soft, which means they will be quite cake-like when he gets them:) We then went out and bought some hard candies, a misting fan, lip balm, individually wrapped towelettes, bandanas, gum, etc....lots of fun things. I'm sure he can get some of them where he is, but at least this way he doesn't have to pay for any of it if any of these items are duplicates. We also got a few of each item, so that he can share with a few of his closest buddies as well:)

We then went to the gym and decided to play tennis on the roof top gardens. It was a crisp, clear night...perfect weather for working up a sweat:) My sister had this thing with hitting the ball too high, and I had this thing with not being able to backhand the ball properly. We both, however, managed to hit a ball over the netting and all the way onto the ground! Well, we need practice in volleying and the like, LOL.

Hmm, what else? Nothing much is going on in my life at this moment. I'm looking into some teaching programs but most don't start until next fall. I still am trying to make up my mind concerning what I want to teach, or if there is something specific I'm supposed to teach.

My mom and my Aunt Maureen both ended up in the hospital this labor day weekend. My Mom was visiting my aunt and uncle in Alexandria and she was on her way downstairs to bed, and she fell down the stairs. Her leg is in an entire leg cast and she sprained her knee, and seemingly tore some ligaments as well. Poor thing. Instead of getting help that night, though, she just crawled to the couch to sleep. She didn't go to the hospital until she and Auntie C were in WAUSAU -- so this is like what, 15 to 20 hours later? Silly mother. But at least she went and got the cast. She's out of work for the week because of it, and of course she can't drive, because her new car is a manual and it was her left leg she hurt.

My Aunt Maureen was in the hospital last week because of really severe back pain, and they let her out, but she had a reactino to her pain meds so she's back there as they try to find a good combination of medicine. My brother went to visit her today and she really is in a lot of pain. I worry about her. I love her so much; she has always been there for me my entire life, and the last thing I want is for her to be in pain. I think she and Uncle Mike should move back to Wisconsin so my Mom and my Aunt Colleen can take care of them when they get ill. They do have a beautiful home, very cottage-like, on a lake up in Alex, but they are just so far away from any relatives (except my brother).

You know, I'm really glad Tara moved in. We were roommates, the three of us, three years ago for a year. It's been nice having her back, and talking to her about stuff, playing card games like Rat Killer and Phase 10, or watching silly movies. I also recognize that Cristina and I get along much better when we are not living together. Our friendship seems to have strengthened since she moved out, so perhaps that was indeed the best thing to happen. I worry about her still, but she is going back to church and people are beginning to see that the divorce isn't really her fault. Of course, this is because her soon-to-be ex-husband decided to get up during Sunday School one day and tell everyone what he had done. I'm not sure what posessed him to do that, but, at the very least, people now know that Cristina isn't the one who broke her covenants.

Well, it's almost 12:30. I better get to bed. Maybe my week will be a bit more interesting and i'lll have more to write about:) We'll see!

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