Sep 22, 2004

Jason got his package!

It makes me so happy to know that I've made someone happy. Jason sent an email to my sister and I, thanking us for the package and telling us the cookies were delicious (but of course ;) He also said that they don't have a store there so the stuff we sent, plus the junk food, were really needed, and to keep sending more! Which, of course, I will do...and when Jessie gets over there I will send her stuff, too.

I love sending care packages. I really do. Jaime got a slew of them when we were dating and when we were just friends. I've never known anyone on a mission, but if I had, they would have gotten them, too. But now, at least, I can send stuff to Jason and later Jessie. That makes me happy! Also sending extra stuff for his friends is awesome, too.

Well, Laurie bought the Star Wars trilogy so I watched almost all three of the movies yesterday. Yeah, pretty lazy of me, but I haven't seen those movies in forever. I'm not exactly a Star Wars buff but remembering that these movies were made in teh 70s, I must admit that Lucas was ahead of his time. They barely look outdated now, and it's 2004. That's pretty awesome.

I have a chance to design a logo (work-related) for the Sakai project -- they are having a conference in New Orleans. If they like my logo, it will be on the website, printed material, and on t-shirts. So...I have been so busy with web development lately that I haven't had a chance to do much design work. Design gets me more excited about my work, so I'm looking forward to starting it.

In fact, I'll going to do that right now.

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