Sep 29, 2004


Well, we were without power for a day because of a mix up with the power company. I was home sick (really sick), and suddenly all the power went out. I saw a man in the back of our house, so I ran outside and I was like, "what did you do? Did you turn our power off?" He was so rude to me. He told me we were behind in our payments, and therefore they cut our electricity off.

I called the company very upset, wondering what was going on (since I just had made a payment about two days before). They had not even told us we were being disconnected. Well, despite me telling them that I had insulin in the fridge (Beau's and my roommate's) they said they couldn't guarantee that a guy could come back and turn the power on. I was so mad, because it takes a whole two seconds to flip that switch. But I had to pay $30 for reconnection.

I was upset, Laurie was angry, and Tara, well, I'm sure she was upset but she had a good attitude about it. We decided to use the time to take Tara out for dinner for her birthday, I went out and bought a bunch of candles and ice, and when we got home we put the food from the fridge (and the insulin) on ice, and lit all the candles. Tara and I had a good game of Scrabble.

You know, I was upset about not having my internet, but I realized that it was good for me to be away from the luxuries that I'm used to. It made me realize how much I take them for granted. It was also a good time to spend time together as friends, talk, and just plain enjoy our time together.

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