Sep 11, 2004

Snorkel Butt?!?!?!

Well, I had fun today, without it even being planned. Jess came and was originally going to go to the Badger game with Laurie, but we ended up hanging out and going shopping. And man did we shop! We went shopping at West Towne mall, and then we went downtown after the game to meet up with Jeff. It ended up being watching him play a beanbag tournament :) Then we went to East Towne and shopped so more. I ended up debating buying some of those pink pom pom boots with the shearling inside. They were much more fashionable than your traditional Ugg boots, and they were heaven on my feet, but I kept thinking...when will I wear them?? They are pink suede with pink shearling....they obviously won't match everything I own (especially my winter stuff). But the idea of walking to work in my usual shoe doesn't appeal to me, either...not during the winter. I guess I can go back for them later if they are still available. But I did buy a few accessories to go with some of my new fall clothes.

When Jess was our roommate, we would sometimes order Outback Steakhouse's cheese fries, bring them home, sit on the floor and watch TV as we ate them. For tradition's sake we did it again, yet now the three of us have such stomach aches:) Well I guess that will happen when you eat junk food. But they were really yummy:)

Tomorrow after church my sister and I are going to go visit my father. My sister suggested it two days ago, to my great surprise. She's usually not one to suggest such a thing, but she did. We are finally going to be able to bring him his Christmas present, even though it's closer to this Christmas than it is to last Christmas! I know his VCR broke on him, so I believe he'll love his new DVD player:) But since it's been sitting in our garage all this time, my sister and I better test it out and make sure it still works.

Well, I'm watching Trading Spaces and I have to begin my lesson soon, so..ciao.

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