Sep 8, 2004

Some things don't change, some things do

Well, Keith is moving to Iowa City on Friday. A few of us went out to Cold Stone tonight to say goodbye to him. He has been such an amazing friend, confidant, and home teacher, and I am really going to miss him. I am happy for him though; he's moving to a place where the cost of living is so much cheaper than Madison, but he's also getting paid more. He is a Civil Engineer. But...there are few people who I am really comfortable talking to, and he's one of them. Now who can I trust to give me priesthood blessings?

And things that don't change...well, my heart. I am still completely and totally in love with Mr. Young. I've gotten to the point, I think (at least for now; I know how I sometimes regress into past patterns and/or behaviors) where I can almost cheerfully get through my day and not think so much about how much I love him and miss him, but it is always in the back of my mind and heart, even when I'm preoccupied with the other things that life brings. I don't know, but I can handle it.

I can handle anything.

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