Oct 31, 2004

Farenhype 9/11

I highly recommend to everyone to watch Farenhype 9/11.  If you want to remain fair and balanced, watch Farenheit 9/11 before watching Farenhype 9/11.

I am more and more convinced, by the strong feeling of the Spirit, by my own convictions and intution, by my studying of the facts (and the non truths as well), that President George W. Bush is the man for the job.  I know that listening and seeing him tomorrow will also most likely reaffirm this.

I am so grateful for the country I live in.  I am grateful for the noble soliders who, over history and today are fighting for our blessed, chosen country -- a country established by God.  I am grateful for the constitution, for freedom of speech -- yes even for those who just use propaganda to further their own political agendas -- because it enables me, as a citizen, to use the Spirit along with my intellect and intution to make an informed opinion and judgment in choosing a presidential candidate, and other candidates as well.

I do not usually vote along party lines, but those lines are getting less gray and more prominent.   But no matter who you vote for, please, my friends and family, and readers, please, go out on Tuesday and VOTE.  Vote with an informed opinion.  Vote with your conscience.  Vote with your heart.  Pray about the choice you make.  Vote for not just yourself, but for your family, and your fellow countrymen, and
even for the world.  Vote to make this world a better place.  Vote to make this country a safe haven for us and our children, and our grandchildren.  It is our responsibility, not just our right, to vote.  Your ballot, especially in a race as tight as this one, can make the difference.  Think about the people you love, and vote because of them.

Please remember your civil responsibility.  Remember that your right to vote was given to you because of the blood, sweat, and tears of millions of soldiers over the past 233 + years.  Remember what they have done for us, and are doing for us.  What a glorious exercise of our free agency it is.

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