Oct 3, 2004

Man is not meant to be alone

This weekend was again General Conference time.  I love to listen to the prophet speak, and to hear our other Apostles, General Authorities and officers of the church speak.  It is such an amazing experience.

The talk this conference that moved me the most was President Hinckley's talk during the Sunday morning session.  I just felt such love pouring from the prophet as he spoke so tenderly about his beloved Marjorie, and of the divinity of women in general.  As he spoke about how man and woman are meant to complete each other; how one is not without the other, the truth of those words filled my heart and I felt it would burst, the spirit was so strong. Tears sprang to my eyes as I realized that my fight against needing someone is indeed in vain. I am meant to be with someone. This is all part of God's great plan for us - for me - and my desires are pure and righteous. As President Hinckley said today, "The greatest work you will do on this Earth will be in your own home." I know this to be true; and I know that this very mission is the most sacred, and most divine, that God could ask us - ask me - to fulfill.

President Hinckley reminded me again what a man is supposed to be like; and a lump formed in my throat as he declared to all of us that Marjorie was the girl of his dreams, and is again.  his love for his companion of 67 years and his tenderness for her; his deference to her and his acknowledgement of their equality really moved me.  How I long for someone to feel that way about me! He reminds me of how my uncle and aunt are with each other.  Such a loving, beautiful couple -- willing to go through anything with each other; willing to never give up; to stand equally together, to keep their covenants, to raise a righteous family...how I long for that same splendid responsibility.

I am grateful for the examples in my life of what I can prepare myself to attain someday in marriage.  I know the skills I want to possess, and many I do already, but of course not all.  That selflessness, patience, humility, endurance, unconditional love and devotion to both companion and God -- that burning desire to better each other, and to "stand in need of comfort in all times and in all places"; to accept the other for all his misgivings and failures, but to love him because of it; to encourage him to grow and mature in all manners; to help him along his spiritual path and expect the same in return -- to know that he will be there, no matter what, and to know that I will be there for him, no matter what.  To not allow fear or mistrust; silly misgivings or inconveniences destroy that beautiful, eternal relationship.  To recognize fully the gift of the Atonement, and just as Elder Packer said today, to remember to allow it to work for us, and to recognize that God only expects our best, but as he he said of Oliver Grainger, "when he falls, not if" will his sacrifice mean more than his increase.

I know that part of me is ready for that.  I know the love I have in my heart; and I know it's unconditional, despite what people might tell me.  They don't know me.  I do.  My patriarch did.  My Father in Heaven does.  I know the things I have been told in blessings -- and I know that the love I can offer my husband is truly unique and one-of-a-kind; not to be found anywhere else on this earth. And that love is meant and reserved for just one man and no other.

It's all part of that great and noble plan.  It's part of my own plan and the plan of my future family.  I have been blessed to gain a knowledge about this, and I know, as I have been promised, that my family will be full of these great qualities that I see embodied in the Prophet as he speaks so tenderly of the girl of his dreams; in the eyes of my Uncle as he looks adoringly at his wife of almost 50 years;  and in the heart of a young girl who someday will be the wife and mother that her Heavenly Father has commissioned her to be.
"All learning is remembering." - Socrates

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