Nov 9, 2004

Here's a sampling of what the liberal media thinks of Christian voters

  • Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press wonders if President Bush understands that "he was not chosen god, bishop, rabbi or high priest?"

  • The publisher of Harper's magazine, John R. MacArthur, blasts President Bush for advertising his "subservience to Jesus Christ and the Christian god, without the least concern about whether it might offend me" and others like him.

  • Ex-seminarian Garry Wills writes in the New York Times, "Can a people that believes more fervently in the Virgin Birth than in evolution still be called an Enlightened nation?" He ends by saying that "moral zealots" will scare moderate Republicans with their "jihads."

  • Maureen Dowd, a New York Times columnist who hates Bush, says the president "ran a jihad in America so he can fight one in Iraq."

  • Dowd's colleague Thomas Friedman intolerantly accuses Bush's base of wanting "to extend the boundaries of religion" and of promoting "intolerance."

  • Without providing one example, Margaret Carlson opines in the Los Angeles Times that Catholic bishops "demonized" Kerry's supporters by warning them that "they could go to hell just for voting for him."

  • Sheryl McCarthy of Newsday accuses Bush of "pandering to people's fears, petty interests and prejudices" against gays and others.

  • Sidney Blumenthal, writing in Salon, nervously claims that the new Senate majority is "more theocratic than Republican."

  • In the same spot, Sean Wilentz embarrasses his fellow Princeton faculty by saying "religious fanaticism" has "seized control of the federal government."

Look, people, let me make this clear. I am NOT cousin Jason is in Fallujah as we speak. I am not PRO intolerance...I am NOT trying to deny people their personal liberty by the way I voted. Do you think I want our soldiers being killed? Do you think I want innocent Muslims being killed? Do you think I want our contractors, or our volunteers being killed?

NO. I just realize that it isn't as black and white as people would like to make it out to be. Do I believe Saddam was a horrible tyrant who needed to be ousted? YES. Do I think that the Iraqis, just like everyone on God's green earth, deserve the opportunity to live in a nation free from opression? YES. Do I believe that the UN sanctions were not working? YES...especially after learning about the oil-for-food scandal. I think President Bush could have waited a while longer before declaring war to see if the last round of weapons inspections would work? YES. Do I see an evident link between Al-Qaeda and Saddam's regime? NO. Do I think our reasoning for going after those supposed weapons of mass destruction was a good one? NO. Do I think it was a lie? No. I think the intelligence that President Bush, Senator Kerry and everyone else on capitol hill saw was the same, and that they truly all believed there were weapons of mass destruction. I believe there still might be, or there WAS. I don't think blaming the president for something a majority on capitol hill agreed upon is RIGHT. He had the same information they did. Who screwed up? Intelligence...France...Germany...Russia...and yes, we did for going in so hastily, thinking we would win the war with the ease we won in Afghanistan.

But what is done is done, and right now, a change in commander in chief would have been disastrous for our troops. We are already over there, folks...and pulling them out would have been a terrible mistake. I want them home too....but we have to think of right here and right now, and how to clean up this situation. I ALSO believe that one of our nobler goals of entering free the Iraqi people -- is a valid one. Some of our reasons were not noble at all, and I see that. But WHAT IS DONE IS DONE. Get over it and stop blaming Bush for everything wrong and corrupt in our society. Most of that corruption was already there when he was inaugurated.

I also believe that peace is not just an absence of conflict, but that it is a willingness to stand for justice. I think we need to help out as many people on this earth that we can afford Sudan, for instance. I think it is our responsibility, because we are the world' superpower, and we are the HAVES...and they are the HAVE-NOTS, and they deserve to have the blessings and prosperity that we do.

I believe in civil unions for homosexuals, by the way. But if they are going to allow that, they have to allow roommates, polygamous marriages, etc to enjoy the same benefits. I do NOT believe in redefining the word MARRIAGE...because, after all, marriage began as a religious institution, not as a civil one. Why should I be forced to say that a term that means so much to me wouuld allow marriage to same-sex partners? Or to polygamous unions? Or to who knows what else?

Do I vote on my moral values? YES. Do I think abortion is evil, even worse than war? Yes, because it is outright murder by a MOTHER. Do I vote for the guy who I can better trust to allow me to continue enjoying my religious liberties? Who will allow, if he can at all help it, our children to pray in school if they wish? To sing about Jesus at Christmastime in their holiday concerts? YES. I believe in religion, because when followed correctly, it only encourages goodness and peace. Yes, even Islam. Our CONSTITUTION was founded upon religious values...and our laws came right from the 10 commandments. If we abandon those, because they are simply not "progressive"....our nation will be doomed, just as the Nephite nation of old fell. The United States of America is a chosen land; of liberty and prosperity, and it is so because God decreed it as such. If we allow those who demand us to "accept" their immoral ways of life to rule...if we allow them to dictate our laws...if we allow them to decide what is best for our nation, then God will no longer protect us, just as he allowed the Nephite nation to die. Don't you people see?? Our society has enough evil and corruption as it is. I really think it's already worse than Babylon of old was...and look what happened to Babylon! Fortunately, there are good people still among us...people who know the difference between right and wrong (and, by the way, every able-minded person over 8 has the ability to discern this), and BECAUSE people like us exist, our country is still going strong.

But how much longer will it last? They are fighting us terribly. They call us ignorant, stupid, and naive. They make up lies and sling insults. Yes, there are some right-winged zealots who are just as bad...and those kind of people who cry for the blood of Muslims and spread anonmosity towards the left-winged liberals are just as guilty if not more so (because they know better!). But please, people....think with your hearts as well as your minds. Read the Bible! It foretold everything that is happening right now...but it also preaches peace and love to all mankind.

Why is this all happening? I don't know. But I know the outcome before the 2nd coming, and it's not pretty. The only thing we can do is try to make what good there is in this world last as long as we can. We can teach the gospel of PEACE...and we can be lights before the world. The world needs it more than ever, folks. The world needs us more than ever.

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