Nov 4, 2004

John Gibson - Four More Years

John Gibson reflected my thoughts exactly. No, we aren't Spain -- and as much as I do love Spain and its people, they made the wrong choice in succombing to the terrorists. They will forever be remembered in history for that unfortunate reaction to the horrible terrorist plot that succeeded in Madrid.

It's a shame.

Four More Years
Thursday, November 04, 2004
By John Gibson

Well, it's over, as you already know.

Already — and I'm not kidding — Usama bin Laden's (search) Al Qaeda Web sites are threatening retaliation against three quarters of America for voting for George W. Bush. I guess they still don't get it: America isn't Spain. We're not the kind of nation that seeks to make a truce with people who want to blow us up.

America is also not George Soros (search) and Michael Moore (search): rich demagogues whose only motivation in opposing Bush was hating Bush — despising him and what he has done, refusing to see the good lurking like a pearl in the bad, just fomenting and frothing at the mouth and throwing their millions of dollars at demonizing a single man.

Soros promised to go to a monastery if Bush won, to reflect on what's wrong with us. He ought to reflect on what is wrong with himself and his other billionaire friends, who tried to buy a defeat for Bush because they don't like him, don't like the way he walks, or talks, or the way he acts in America's defense when they would prefer he sit back, think, ponder, ruminate and do nothing.

The Euros are in a state of shock. Only last week the Brit papers who are in the hate Bush business had pretty much convinced themselves that they had managed to spread their superior wisdom and insight across the Atlantic and Americans were going to do the right thing: fire Bush.

Oops. That didn't work out.

There is no doubt they will recover from Wednesday's shocked silence and resume telling us we're stupid and we're wrong and we're warmongers. They really can't help themselves.

With nearly 100 percent of the rest of the world shouting at us that we should not, not, not re-elect Bush, it now appears Americans have shouted back: shut up.

Good. Somebody needed to say it. And better 59 million Americans than just me all by myself.

That's My Word.

Taken from Fox News

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