Nov 5, 2004

An opinion from "El Mundo"

I was reading from the Spanish newspaper "El Mundo". They have an opinion section on OUR elections. Anyway, as I knew I would, I found a lot of anti-USA and hate. I read a lot of false propaganda and strange ideas that are not true about our country. They called us stupid and naive, religious zealots, and third world, among others.

But, I came across this opinion, and I must say my heart swelled with gratitude. Hey, they don't ALL hate us.


De verdad, me parece mentira, no me puedo creer algunas de las opiniones que estoy leyendo. Yo conozco América, yo he vivido el patriotismo de los AMERICANOS, y lo pongo con mayúsculas, SI PATRIOTISMO, ellos no olvidan tan facilmente como nosotros a sus muertos, a las víctimas del terrorismo, de la barbarie. Ellos no han castigado a su Presidente como hemos hecho nosotros aún a sabiendas de que nos estábamos castigando a nosotros mismos. Yo me alegro, de verdad, de la reelección de Bush, me alegro de que alguien en este planeta luche por su país, por su bienestar y me entristezco mucho pensando que no somos nosotros, los que nos llamamos Españoles, verguenza nos tendría que dar consentir que nos pase lo que nos está pasando, claro que tenemos lo que nos merecemos, nosotros solitos nos lo hemos buscado. Quisimos castigar y castigamos al único gobierno que realmente estaba dando bienestar a este país y ahora pagaremos las consecuencias. Seamos realistas, más nos valdría aprender de los Americanos, en vez de tanto criticarles, ahí están, a la cabeza del mundo.

Espe. / Madrid

A lie
(English translation)

Truthfully, it seems a lie, and I cannot believe some of the opinions that I am reading. I know America, I have lived the AMERICAN patriotism, and I put that in capitals -- yes PATRIOTISM, they do not easily forget their dead like we do, they do not forget their victims of terrorism, of barbarism. They have not chastized their president like we have done even knowing that we were chastizing ourselves. I am happy, in all truth, about the reelection of Bush, and I'm happy that someone on this planet fights for their country, for its well-being and it very much saddens me to think we who call ourselves Spaniards aren't ashamed to have allowed what has happened to happen to us; of course we have what we deserve, we are isolated, which is what we were looking for. We wanted to chastize and we chastize the only government that really is doing what is in the best interests of its country, and now we are paying the consequences. Let's be realistic -- it would do us good to learn from the Americans instead of constantly criticizing them, because here they are, at the head of the world.

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