Nov 1, 2004


Ok, that was an amazing experience. This whole weekend has been amazing; having my brother in town; celebrating Halloween with him, my sister, and my friend Jess - and we won the road rally (a church activity we had on Halloween) :)

Then today, wow. I was pretty much convinced already that my ballot was for President George W. Bush, but when I heard him speak today; even though he didn't really say much that I haven't heard already, I could just tell. The Spirit overwhelmed me; and I'm not talking about the spirit of the rally. But let me tell you; the difference I felt between the chaos on State Street on Saturday night (read: Madison is nationally known for it's drunken revelries during the Halloween season) and the way I felt while at this rally was amazing in and of itself. The first left me feeling ill and disgusted (although I did enjoy seeing some of the different costumes; it was too bad however I had to see the horrible behavior of those wearing those costumes) but I felt uplifted and alive today. Everyone was so dang nice, and that spirit of comraderie that most Americans have already forgotten about, you know, that spirit that existed for months just after 9/11 --- well there it was. Of course, we all had something in common: we were supporting George W. Bush. But besides all of this; this spirit of comraderie and of rallying, was the the Holy Spirit. I felt it, and tears rushed to my eyes while I was there cheering. I don't remember what President Bush was saying when that strong feeling overwhelmed me; but it was something that touched me, and I knew that this was the best man for the job.

By no means does that mean he is perfect; or that he hasn't made mistakes, or that he won't make mistakes. He has and he will. But he is a man who is trying to do good and live a morally right life, and lead our country in the same fashion. I know this, because I felt it.

I'm so grateful for that amazing opportunity!


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