Nov 3, 2004

We WON!!!

Hi everyone, sorry this is so late in coming; but I've had problems with accessing my blog.

Anyway, Kerry has conceded to George W. Bush, and George W. Bush has been declared the winner:)


Isn't this such a cute picture? What love he has for his beautiful wife! (This photo is from the Republican National Convention in early September).

I'm listening to Kerry's concession speech, and I will say that I do feel sorry for him. I feel his heartbreak. He looked like he was going to cry right before he started talking. I do have respect for him and the way he has proven to be a good loser (unlike Al Gore in 2000). I agree with him that every vote should be counted, and I agree that President Bush and he should work to unite our country once again.

I also have deep respect for President Bush waiting to declare victory; out of respect for Senator Kerry. Both of these candidates have shown honor at the close of this election, and I am glad to see such grace and respect.

Now I hope the American people will show the same respect for both candidates.

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