Dec 14, 2004

I need me to entertain you :)

Anyway, I've been told that I need to write more in my blog for the entertainment of a few friends and family members. OK ok, even though I don't know why what I write is so entertaining. I'm not an entertaining person by any means.

I had a fun weekend. I didn't cry at all over the weekend...can you believe it? I was so dreading my birthday but my friends did all they could to make it special, and they did. I had fun spending time with them and my sister on Friday, and the Tornado at Great Wolf Lodge was awesome:) Ok so I hate walking around in a bathing suit, but that was the only negative thing. It was cool:) And then Mommy, Tia Cia and Topher came down on Sunday and took me out to eat at Uno's. Auntie made me a beautiful tree skirt to match my tree (blue and silver). Tara cooked me a fabulous meal on Sunday night; pot roast, roasted vegetables and homemade dinner rolls.

I have almost all my Christmas shopping done. I only have to buy Dad his gift. He wants a vacuum cleaner; and that would be do-able if Laurie and Topher had money, but they don't. I don't blame them because I've been there and I completely understand. But I really want to buy Dad the vacuum cleaner. I suppose I could put it on my Sam's card, but I don't want to max those things out anymore than they already are.

I'm really going to miss Laurie. I would get into it, but since she now reads this stuff, I don't want to embarass her. But I love her, and she is one of my best friends. I love spending time with her, and I love that she loves my kitties as much as I do. I don't want her to leave in May for several reasons; one being that I AM jealous, and I'm upset because I was supposed to be married already and gone myself, but another because she's the best roommate I've ever had. No, I didn't expect us to live together forever. I guess I just thought I'd be the first one out. Now I feel like I'm being left behind in a world (or at least a place) where I don't want to be. I have many blessings and I'm not denying those, but I'm at a stagnant part of my life. I'm not moving forward. Having her leave is just going to make it more difficult for me. But, there's nothing I can do, and besides, I do want her to be happy. Aaron is one of the most awesome men I have ever met, and I know she would be extremely stupid to give that up.

Well, I'm getting all teary-eyed so I am going to end this for now.

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