Dec 7, 2004

The Lesson Builder 1.0

Ok, so I've been lazy. I don't know, but I haven't exactly been feeling like writing a whole lot lately. But yesterday I went to an after-work party at Luther's to celebrate the release of the Lesson Builder. It's a project that has been going on for 4.5 years...ever since I started working at DoIT as a student. Anyway, it's an excellent project, and allows professors of advanced language courses to dynamically create online lessons with advanced features to aid their students in further gaining an advanced level of proficiency in a foreign language. I guess the Yale University Press is even looking into buying it and selling it. This is awesome, because I created the whole GUI interface -- and it's gonna be sold around the nation!!

My final logo was also selected for the Sakai conference which is going to be in New Orleans later this week. It will be printed on hats, polos, t-shirts, bags, and lots of other things, besides flyers and the website. I think it's great that a logo of mine has been selected to represent one of the fasting growing open source initiatives in Academia (specifically open source CMS systems (course management systems). Our LessonBuilder will be demoed at this conference as well.

Our group is going places and gaining national acclaim for the work we produce. While I still know that I will eventually be a teacher (when I can afford to go back to school and afford to take a pay cut), it isn't so bad feeling pride in the work that I do and seeing it slowly gain recognition:)

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