Feb 14, 2005

My dream job!

The next day after talking to my bishop on Wednesday night, and praying for guidance and inspiration concerning the many things troubling me, I was just casually browsing the internet when I came across a job announcement.

I about fainted! It was the job I have been looking for for the past several years. Study abroad coordinator. Plus it would also allow me to teach a class each semester! Talk about getting my foot in the door!

It is really scary for me to even contemplate it, but since things aren't going so well at my current job (and I now know I am supposed to be a teacher..not a web developer) I know I would be seriously warped if I DIDN'T consider it. I've been complaining about feeling stagnant and stuck. The fact that now I am the lowest paid and have the least vacation of all of my colleagues just put me over the top. While I do love my job in and of itself, and I really would terribly miss the people I work with, I know I have to follow God's plan for me. Even if it means an expensive relocation, saying goodbye to friends and family, moving somewhere I have never been and taking a pay cut (on the bright side, I could possibly be hired at the same salary and I would get 24 days of vacation compared to my current 10).

I have to do the right thing for myself; in order to progress. If I'm to be a teacher, then by all means, this is the right direction. And it is in a field where my expertise lays. I am an absolutely perfect fit for this position, and have a strong feeling, even now, that I will be seriously considered for the position, if I don't outright get it. The only thing against me is the fact that I'm not local. But despite my fears of picking up and moving, I will do it.

I have to do something. My sister and Tara are moving on with their lives. I cannot stay in this big duplex all alone -- it is simply too expensive. I have to move on -- I have to move up. I have to be able to serve people in my career as well.

Yes, it is really scary, but it is also exciting. I have done this once, 9 years ago, when I picked up and moved to Spain. If I could put everything aside and dismiss the naysayers who told me I was crazy, and believe with certain faith that I was supposed to go to Spain, even when I didn't have a place to live lined up, then I can do the same thing again.

Forget the naysayers!!!

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