Feb 22, 2005

PCs and sensuality

I really HATE PCs!!! I have one, because I need to have one being a web developer. I hardly ever use it, but since I learned how to use Remote Desktop I have been more often. However, I prefer my new iBook over anything.

BUT...despite the fact that I have a firewalled wireless router, a firewalled internet connection, Adaware, Norton Antivirus Copoprate Edition 2003, and SpyBot...and also the fact that the PC is off almost all the time...I still got a bunch of Malware, a trojan, and a few viruses on the stupid thing.

It's screwed up, and I tried repairing it using the XP startup disk, but after 2 hours that didn't work either. So now I've erased the entire partition and reformatted...to start all over. I have been working on this thing...with the HELP, mind you, of PC experts at work...since 3 this afternoon! Plus the time I spent the last two nights trying to get it to work better!!

GRRRR, that's all I have to say. The one time I ever had to re-install the system on a Mac, it took no more than 2 hours, tops (and that included re-installing all the additional software).

Stupid PCs.....


On an altogether different note..yes, I am still completely OBSESSED with Phantom of the Opera. I absolutely swoon over Graham Bickley's voice as the Phantom...and I just love the entire soundtrack. The story is spectacular (especially the book...you gotta read the book and find out about the REAL Phantom -- Erik Dessler). I also finally got to see the movie with Gilly, and I loved it, even though of course I prefer Webber's musical (from the third row ;) Gerald Butler is definitely intriging as the Phantom, even though it didn't seem he got into his part until almost the end (when he and Emmy sang "Point of no Return". But at that point, I suddenly felt all flustered as I watched. There was something about the way he looked at her, the way he sang (and anybody who knows me knows how much I flip for a romantic, passionate tenor) that just was, well, intoxicating. While that doesn't exactly follow the real story, you can see very much why Webber rewrote it to make Raoul's competition for Christine actually believable. It also makes Christine's confusion believable as well. I mean, if you got some guy dressed like that, singing with such passion, from the very depths of his soul, eying you with such desire and love, wearing this mysterious mask....hmmmm....there is just something so completely sensual about that!!!!

However, I do feel like pounding my head against the wall knowing that I have been in Paris twice and never bothered to go to the Opera House. If I had been taught in French class about the eerie lake and the labryinth below the opera house, I sure don't remember it, because if I did I would have made a POINT to go. I love mysteries, especially real ones. I enjoyed the solemn and eerie trip to Paris' catacombs the last time I was there. It is quite fascinating that there are all these tunnels, caverns, underground rivers and lakes below that breaktaking city.

But anyway...I better get back to the PC. This time, with the clean install, it BETTER work.

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