Feb 7, 2005

This is what some random blogger has to say about me

I like how he thinks he has a right to call me evil on his own blog, just because my beliefs don't match his. Evil and demented, because I believe in God.

But anyway, I guess he DOES have a right to say whatever he wishes. But it just demonstrates his outright egocentrism and inability to truly accept and embrace the diversity that exists in this world.

I do not have to explain myself. I believe in God, and I know He lives. I know Jesus Christ died for me. No mean-spirited blog is going to change the way I believe. Trust me, I've faced much more severe criticism than that. Most Mormons, and even other devoted Christians, in general, have. I'm willing to stand for what I believe in, and not let nay-sayers convince me otherwise.

In fact, I am just more adamant in my stance. Thank you for reminding me how much I am truly grateful for what I have.

Diversity does INCLUDE religious people, you know. You can't pick and choose who deserves to be treated with respect and who doesn't.

We ALL do. Every person born onto this earth. And for those who simply can't accept that; well, I pity them.

I really do.

The following is quoted from our "random blogger's" blog:

"A lot of people wonder what the face of evil would look like, I think I've found it. (this is where he links to my weblog) (Sometimes, random blogging turns out horribly, horribly bad.) Also, one needs to read a few entries in to get the full picture of dementia.

"Don't let us make imaginary evils, when you know we have so many real ones to encounter."
--Oliver Goldsmith

I especially enjoyed the woman's pleas to pray for the tsunami survivors... if her god exists, it was His doing, so why would He reverse Himself because a few English speakers want him to? It boggles the mind. Nature, she be a harsh mistress. (yeah, those H's were capitalized sarcastically)

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