Feb 16, 2005


I had an amazing revelation this morning. By revelation I mean one of those "eureka" moments. I can also say the Spirit confirmed it to me, but it wasn't this big gigantic event, but rather a concept that I had not thought of before that suddenly made sense.

Anyway, it's about love. And it's awesome, but I'm at work and have no time to type it up. This is here to remind me tonight that I have to get it down in writing (or blogging, in this case) -- otherwise I might forget about it.

Yeah, like that time 10 years ago when I was a sophomore at BYU...one night I stayed up ALL night because suddenly things made sense; heck the world made sense...it ALL made sense, and I wrote and I wrote and practically filled up an entire narrow-ruled notebook with the information I received.

Unfortunately, I handed that notebook in with a final anthropology assignment and never got it back :(.

Now I don't remember hardly anything about it other than that it was so completely awesome to, even if for a few minutes, seem to completely make sense of the world!

I'm not going to let it happen this time!

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