Feb 2, 2005

Yea!!! I found ski boots that FIT!!!

No longer will I have to wear my 16 year-old ski boots! Yeah, those ones that bind my ankles and just hurt so bad until my feet go numb and I no longer feel them. AND, I'm also getting rid of my 12 year old straight skis that have always been too tall for me!

I can't wait to try out my new Blizzard parabolic skis this weekend. They're supposed to be even easier to ski in. And now, with ski boots that FIT, well, I feel so blessed! It may seem dumb to many people, but the fact that I found a pair of boots that will comfortably hug my wide calves and not pinch them, well, it's a miracle! I almost started crying right there in the shop when, after a few adjustments, they turned out just perfect. My ski boot hunt has gone on for years, and yesterday I had had enough. I went to MC Sports and bought the only pair that kind of fit (well at least they buckled), but I have to take them back. For one thing, they're men's (the guy didn't know what he was doing, obviously....men's ski boots are narrower in the calves) and they hurt so bad (although not as bad as my old ones). Plus they're 2 sizes too big for me. After doing some research on the proper fit of a boot, especially on women, I realized that I would be miserable and ski miserably with those things.

So today I continued my search and this time went to a ski shop rather than a sports store. Sure, they tend to be more pricey, but I still got a great deal. I was searching for the Nordica Easymove 10, because my research told me these had the widest calf range available. I didn't find those there, but I did see some Dolomites. They are the Dolomite DC 60 L, which I vaguely remembered viewing on their website and noting that the fit was wide.

Wow, they fit wonderfully, with only a tiny bit of adjustment! They are awesome looking, too (check out the link above). One thing I liked about them was that the tongue was much softer than other boots (even the Rossingol soft boot series). It flattened against my calf rather than curling up and scraping it. This enabled me to pull the buckles tighter (which they are supposed to be) and flex comfortably. They also have the calf boot strap that helps a person ski better. Hmm, considering I wasn't too bad a skiier with really bad fitting boots and skis, I wonder what kind of skiier I will be now???? I can't wait to find out!!!

So I have my Dolomite DC 60 L boots, my Blizzard X-Spirit 3 parabolic skis, my Nova bindings and my Scott poles.

I'm soooo excited, it almost makes up for the whole one week less of vacation thing! Yipee!!!

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