Mar 14, 2005

All I can say...

Is that Satan's tactics are so utterly predictable. Jeremy wrote the nastiest letter I have ever read, yet I was not one bit surprised. I knew beforehand what he would say, and sure enough, he left nothing out. Every last thing I expected from his poisonous lips came.

What an utter shame. A man with the potential to affect millions of people for good has decided to take the "road more travelled".

I have never been so defamed and dishonored and treated like utter waste. But, his treatment of me only reflects the feelings he has towards himself. It is classic human psychology at its worst.

He cannot remove my integrity. He cannot take away that which God has given. Man cannot give or take away truth. Truth is eternal and unchanging. No matter what he tries to do; no matter how he tries to make me feel as miserable as he does, there is no way on earth or in hell that he will ever, ever be able to take away my knowledge and my faith. His has been long gone, but mine has grown more than I had ever dreamed possible.

His treatment of me is only proof of the value of his soul in the eyes of God. Satan is destroying him. Satan wouldn't bother if Jeremy wasn't such an imminent threat to his kingdom. But Jeremy IS a threat...and Satan knows it. So far he has succeeded...and now he is coming after me through Jeremy and through the same ways he got Jeremy ensnared.

But I will not let it happen. He already took away the man I loved and cherished. There is no way I will EVER allow him to take me down with him.

May God bless him as he once again slips away down that path to certain despair and self-created hell. May God soften his heart and show him how much He loves him, and may he decide to come back to Christ knowing the sweetness and joy that only repentance can bring.

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