Mar 2, 2005

Phone INTERVIEW!!! was a very interesting day. I met with my boss to do my annual performance review, which was superior (but of course:) He is going to continue trying all that he can to help me get a raise....but he knows that there is only so much he can do. But he says he wants me to stay there, and so there are two ways to try to remedy my compensation....a deffered comepensation award (he can only do these like every 4 years but he's going to look into it) and of course a retention plan, which means if I get an offer from another company or school for a similar position but it would offer me more than 5 grand a year more, then he can automatically give me a retainment offer to keep me where I am.

But he said he's been where I am, and if I end up leaving, he understands, and would give me a glowing recommendation. Dang I wish I would have known that a few weeks ago, because he would have been a great reference! But anyway, after I got back from that, I found a missed call on my cell and an email from Purdue, informing me they want to do an initial phone interview with me next week.

This is for a web developer management position for the School of Engineering at Purdue. Plus it's starting salary is between $55,000 and $72,000 a year. The cost of living in West LaFayette is extremely low...and I would be near Olvia and near Laurie too.

The flip side? It's in Indiana (sorry, but it is just not a very pretty place), and while I know I would be excellent as a web development manager, as I have said before, I know I'm supposed to go into teaching. I'm supposed to get away from web development. As for a timeline, I do not honestly have one. I suppose it could happen later...but who knows??

And then this Friday the other position, my dream position, officially stops receiving applications. This means that within the next few weeks they too will be weeding through the application materials and throwing most of them into the circular file. If they would be willing to hire someone non-local, then I know I will be at the top of their list. I just know it. It's like I was made for this job, and vice versa. But the cons of this job are...the low salary, how extremely far away it is, the location....while absolutely gorgeous, in fact, I have constant dreams about it, but the location scares me a little. PLUS I will have no family or friends there and will completely be on my own. The cost of living is almost on par with Madison, too, so getting ahead would be much tougher.

If I get offered both jobs..which I never thought would be possible but now I see how it really could be...what will I do?? Of course I'll pray about it...but I have never been one to simply take a job based on its salary. But my goal of paying off my debt completely could be accomplished within a few years at Purdue. The other job...well I honestly do not know, and since their starting pay is between $25,000 and $52,000 - I suppose there is a slight chance they'd offer me the high end...but I know how very rarely that happens. I mean it's like Purdue would almost double the salary!

But I want to do what is right. I want to go in the direction I'm supposed to with my career. What would make me happier? Money and financial stability or a higher level of satisfaction in my job and living in a gorgeous part of the country? Fulfillment and opportunities would certainly come to both...but they are so dramatically different from one another I'm surprised I'm so qualified for both:) I guess I'm right and left-brained:D

Arghhh...maybe I'm worrying too much:) Maybe there won't be a choice. Maybe there will be even more (after all, I applied at several places). Man I am needing some MAJOR guidance!!!!! :) But I have faith that I will make the correct decision, even though at this point my frame of mind is so muddy and clouded.

"I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord...over mountain or plain or sea...I'll say what you want me to say, dear Lord...I'll be what you want me to be."

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