Mar 21, 2005

The power of a woman's charms

It's utterly amazing how one little smile, a sultry stare, a flirtatious wink or simply parted colored lips can completely turn on a man to the point of being completely powerless before you. I mean, a woman doesn't even have to do all the vile things some women resort to to get attention; you just lower your voice, smile slyly and look him in the eye, draw out your words but at the same time make intelligent conversation. If you are wearing a good lip gloss and high heels...he's even more out of control. Wink at him and he'll be yours in two seconds flat.

I don't do this to control men, and I know it's probably not such a great thing to take pleasure in the power I feel when a man gets to the point of wanting you so badly he can't hide it, but in the end, I'm not saying anything enticing or wearing anything provocative...I'm just being me -- just a coy me.

I can't help it if I feel so damn good when I feel desired.Plus now that I have gone down an entire size, well, it feels so freakin' great! I'm more confident and more willing to take on anything that comes my way. But I especially like that feeling I get when flirting. Sure, I could do this even at at a higher weight -- I've never had any problems attracting men on or off the street. But knowing you look that much better, and that you have that much more confidence....well if you don't abuse this God-given power, it is absolutely exhilirating:)

I had fun today using my womanly wiles to subtly affect men. Evil of me? Maybe :) But there is one in particular who I find myself attracted to and thinking about often. I can play hard to get for the first few interactions, but once a guy has made his intentions clear and I too feel the same way, well...then I just stop with games altogether. I think its cruel to continue them. Yet I read so many things that say they are necessary to keep a man's attention. I hate thinking this is true, but experience seems to validate this point, unfortunately! So I never know what to do. Am I rushing in too quickly? Am I playing hard to get too long? I honestly never know.

But I WILL say that there is nothing sexier than a man who is intelligent and quick-witted, educated and passionate, driven and focused, with a great sense of humor and a love for adventure. And if he can make me feel like a queen on top of that...then I'm the one who's a goner :)

Horray for womanhood ;)

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