Mar 10, 2005

Random thoughts

Guess what?? I'm still happy! Yup, it's been what, three weeks? And the only tears I've shed have been of joy!!! Isn't that fantastic???

You know what is the greatest aphrodisiac?? A man who can sing. I hate to admit it, since I have a horrible voice (although I really do try!) but when I hear the sweet yet strong vibrato of a tenor, I go absolutely weak in the knees. Yeah, I'm still on my Phantom of the Opera kick. I can't help it; I think Graham Bickley sounds just like a certain you-know-who. And my oh my, you-know-who can definitely sing. His speaking voice and his singing voice are almost sinfully intoxicating.

Had my phone interview with Purdue...:)

Managed an entire day-long webinar today (for those not in the know, that is a live streaming broadcast of various sessions of seminars...ours was on Streaming Media with Teaching and Learning). I spent the entire day trying to solve technical problems, field questions from participants all over the country, and get the the questions to the presenters. Yup..I was cool :)

Tara cooked lasagna and we fed the missionaries at the Institute building. I always love talking to them:) It makes me want to go out there and do it myself!!

Well, those are my random thoughts for the day. Cheers...;)

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