Apr 18, 2005

And I thought it couldn't get any worse

1) My uncle is in critical condition at the Mayo clinic. He has two completely clogged arteries and they won't do bypass surgery on him. All they will do is give him a pacemaker so that he can live out the remainder of his life.

My uncle is the only man in my life that worthily holds the priesthood, the only man who was truly a father to me. He is the only man who has been a righteous example to my family, with love unfeigning, the only man who truly understands the universal truths that exist. And he is going to be taken from us.

2) I found out some other very distressing information. I know the person involved doesn't understand why his/her actions have such a profound effect upon me, but it is quite simple, really. I love this person with my entire being. And whether we like it or not, our life's choices affect those around us, especially those who love us and are concerned for us, namely for our happiness and our welfare. And we may not want to be examples to others, but frankly, we do not have a choice in the matter. We are constantly being watched by everyone we meet. The influence we have on others is striking, and so much deeper than we would like to believe. But it is true, and because this is human nature, we have to constantly remind ourselves how we affect others.

3) I have no idea how I am going to find an extra $200 for rent.

4) I am stuck in Madison for who knows how long.

But it still can be worse.

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