Apr 30, 2005

My makeover

Ok, well I just posted a recent pic of me here and I don't want to be toooooo conceited, LOL, although I know it somewhat is to post pics of yourself. BUT...I've had such a low self esteem for much of my life despite being loved by many and being told I was beautiful...I think recently I just started to believe it:)

But anyway, here's a photo of me last night after my makeover (JUST makeup...Estée Lauder). It doesn't look nearly as cool in the photograph, because the makeup artist from New York did this dramatic smoky eye effect that totally brought out the almond shape in my eyes..something I never really saw before. I was psyched to get to Milwaukee and spend the night out with Jess and Laurie, but the makeover took too long and I didn't get out of there until 8:30!! (2 hours!!) But the woman who just moved here and works for Estée Lauder has taken a big liking to me, and says she knows no one here and would love to hang out and shop and all that:) So that's cool...making a new friend always is!

Anyway - Click here to view the photo.

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