Jun 2, 2005

The "Myths" of Obesity

Very interesting article by Orson Scott Card. What he says is true: ultimately, who really KNOWS how dangerous being overweight truly is (aside from the obvious dangers of morbid obesity). He puts it pretty plain and simple:

1) Exercise
2) Eat right
3) Recognize that your body shape may be the way it is because it's GENETIC (DUH!)
3) Stop judging others! Just cause it's done in the name of science doesn't mean it's 100% TRUTH!

I also believe he increased his credibility by citing the plain fact that no one DOES know -- he's just simply saying that scientific research MAY be wrong. And of course it may be. It happens all the time. But our society for some reason seems to think that if it's done in the name of science, then it's GOTTA be true.


Is it Bad to Be Fat?

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