Jun 9, 2005

Saturn now has my car on their lot

It's going for $9,488.00. They don't have a photo of her yet (just a stock photo) but I guess they fixed the few things wrong with her and she's ready to go to someone else.

Yeah I know, it's just a car, but it was my first new car and it was the car of my dreams at the time (the only thing I couldn't afford to get was leather). It is such a peppy, fun, beautiful and stylish car! I hope whoever buys it will love it as much as I did!

But...considering Saturn is selling it for less than $2500 over what they gave me, I feel even better about deciding to trade it in rather than sell it. I probably wouldn't have gotten much more than $600 over what Saturn gave me, and in the meantime I'd have been making payments and paying insurance (not to mention licensing it). So it all worked out for the best...

By the way, I DO love my Vue. The gas mileage is the only thing that bothers me right now, but for the first 1000 miles it is usually less because the car has to adjust. It's getting better though. But it drives so smoothly and quietly and handles like a dream. It's also surprisingly peppy as well (even if not comparable to my SC2).

I got the Transpod to hold and charge my iPod (and transmit it through the radio) and I also bought a wireless IR remote so that I can skip songs without reaching over to do it (my cigarette lighter is on the passenger side of the car..doh!). The only thing I still need is some decent speakers in the far back. I have a 6-speaker system but the furthest back are in the doors on the backseat. I need speakers in the back and higher! I like the surround sound and my other car was small enough (and the speakers were directly behind me) that it sounded like that. But no this one, so I'll have to get some installed when I have some cash.

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