Jul 9, 2005

The ability to speak another language is HOT

It was always one of my requirements in looking for an eternal companion. I let it slack with Jeremy, simply because I knew he could pick up language easily, but now that I think about it once again, the more I am determined that my children be bilingual. I know that I was inspired to choose Spanish as my degree (and to this day I've often wondered why) and I know that I was told to go to Spain on that internship, not only for my own benefit, but for the benefit of my children. I guess in the past few years I've forgotten about all that and haven't practiced Spanish like I should have been. I've been so focused on work and everything else that Spanish has kind of slipped my mind.

Considering how obsessed I was with Spanish and Hispanic culture, language, etc, I am surprised at myself. My sister mentioned it a few times over the past few years as well -- "Michelle, why aren't you in to it as much as before?" Good question, Laurie. Perhaps it's because I haven't been able to take my yearly vacation to Spain or another Spanish-speaking country. Perhaps it's because Jeremy didn't speak Spanish. I don't know.

But thinking back to Jaime..one of the most attractive traits he had was his ability to speak several languages. He's STILL learning more. His English is almost flawless and so is his French, and then you add Catalan, German, and now what -- Japanese -- to the mix...well that is just awesome.

My point? I think I'm going back to that desire. I want a man who can speak Spanish fluently...(preferably as a mother tongue simply because I want my children to be bilingual) but his English has GOT to be fluent as well. If he speaks more languages..all the better. Totally sexy, in my opinion :)

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