Jul 22, 2005

Life is good

Yeah, it really is:) I haven't felt this good in a LONG time. And only part of it has to do with the fact that I gave up soda (cold turkey YES!) and am easily drinking 64 oz of water a day, if not more. I haven't changed much else in my diet, although I'm limiting sugar intake, but I want to slowly, carefully, make a transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Speaking of which, Gilly and I pooled our money together and bought a new elliptical machine. It's a nice one with almost all the features that the ellipticals at the Princeton Club had. It's so heavy we couldn't get it out of my car on our own, though, LOL -- we'll need a guy to help us get it out and then we'll have to set it up. But considering how much I enjoyed this machine at the gym, it should prove to be fun. I'm going to put it in my room (so we can watch tv while using it) and move my computer desk upstairs to the spare bedroom, since it's basically just collecting dust.

And on another note, there's this amazing guy. Yeah I won't mention his name (cause I haven't asked you yet if I could ;) but anyway, I'm having such a great time getting to know him and have learned so much from him! He's been encouraging me with this pH miracle, and considering what amazing results he himself has experienced, well I just can't help but feel inspired and amazed and, well, since what I have read so far and what I have learned just makes plain, simple sense, I can really see myself eventually adapting such a lifestyle. I just feel like a new me is emerging, you know? I feel so much better physically, my nails are growing (for the first time in my life!), my skin and hair are healthier, I'm still losing weight as I have been all year, and it also has had a major effect on my depression. I still have some small anxiety attacks, and I get paranoid sometimes over things I have no reason to worry about, but I know that with time those feelings will eventually subside. Just the idea of being healthy, happy, and drug-free (meaning, not having to take Zoloft, an anti-depressant, anymore) excites me to no end. And while I know he won't take any credit for it, I owe it all to this man.

Can I also say how absolutely intelligent, educated, gorgeous, funny, spiritual, and all-out amazing he is? Sure why not? I've already told him that :) But really, getting to know him has been fascinating. I hope to continue to learn more:)

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