Jul 28, 2005

Not much to say..

But I feel like I should say SOMETHING since I haven't written since last week. Hmmm, well, I love the new elliptical, other than the fact that it squeaks when using it (and Gilly and i put plenty of grease on it so I'm thinking there are some screws that are just too tight) but anyway, it has 4 programs and running through each of them has been great. I work up a sweat, but I'm doing it in my own home, watching my TV or listening to my music, etc.

I am also so used to water now. I mean, I haven't craved a soda at all -- amazing, huh?? I can't believe I haven't had one in two weeks!

What else...well yesterday I became depressed. I'm still feeling bummed today, but I know, again, it is Satan wanting me to hate myself. I'm working on it.

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