Jul 5, 2005

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

Yeah, I got about 3 hours of sleep last night. But considering the fact that I didn't do anything yesterday other than watch a few movies and bake some bread (oh yeah, and nap -- I fell asleep with my webcam on...that must have been an interesting picture to anyone who came across it, LOL) I will probably be ok.

I'm feeling all sorts of things this morning. It probably has to do with Post-MS, but that time of month doesn't usually affect me UNLESS there is already something I'm worried about. Only then does it get out of hand. But it's past now, and I'm still left to contemplate the varying emotions running through my heart, and the scurrying thoughts in my head.

Do you ever just wish you could turn your brain off?? Sometimes I think I have OCD, because I tend to focus on one thought obsessively or on too many thoughts at once. In either case, it will drive you batty if you can't force yourself to empty your mind and relax.

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