Jul 6, 2005

Two great quotes

As you know, I frequent ldslinkup.com on a daily basis. I love to read and participate in the discussion boards. There are so many intelligent, opinionated, profound subjects discussed (as well as the inane, stupid, but incredibly funny ones) that I am always learning something new and again analyzing my own beliefs concerning these topics.

These quotes are from some of those threads.

"Adversity is the great liberator. When your worst fears come true and you look around to realize "hey, I am still standing!", it is incredibly freeing!"

-and- (completely unrelated)

The boss of a trucking company was looking to hire a driver for his mountain route. There were three candidates. He took them up to a tight, curving bend overlooking a 400 foot drop.

He asked the first "How close can you come to driving off the edge of this?" The driver thought and said "I can get half a wheel over the edge and still maintain control.

The boss asked the second driver who answered with confidence "I could get one wheel over the edge and STILL maintain control."

The boss turned to the third driver and said "what about you?" The driver, with a steady voice responded "I stay as far away from the edge as I can."

The boss hired the third driver.

Just because YOU can (or think you can) "maintain control" is no reason to risk it. Please stay as far away from the edge as you can.

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