Aug 31, 2005

It's a Wonderful Life

I know, I haven't written much lately, but between work, doing stuff for Bahman's company, and of course being happy, well, I just haven't had much time! :)

I went with Jess to Vince Vaughn's Wild Wild West Comedy show last weekend, which was pretty cool. Life is so much sweeter when the hurt has disappeared and you're left enjoying your life, glad that you've learned the things you needed to learn from your past and grateful to have moved on. Life is sweeter when you begin to recognize what worth lies within each of your friendships, and how much joy there is to be found in laughter, closeness, and trust. I love you guys....I really do!

So I signed up for a semester class that starts in two weeks....latin dancing (specifically salsa). They say no partner required, so we'll see how that goes:) I'm really excited about learning something new, and I'm excited that I've come out of my shell and I actually want to do more with my life than merely hang on by a thread. I know Milton has helped with this part -- and I am so grateful for that! The last three months have been wonderful -- and the things I am learning and the person I am becoming, well, sometimes I get all choked up just thinking about how grateful I am. They say hindsight is 20/20, and I truly believe it is. Gosh, I'm rambling, aren't I? LOL I can't help it; when I feel all giddy like this I DO just ramble on..and on...and on...:-)

Well, I have to create and send of another motif, so I better get going on that. But I thought I'd post something and just say how utterly happy I am.

Life really sucks sometimes, and I know I have plenty of sucky days in my future. But it's alright, because one thing I have learned over the past year and a half is to be grateful for trials, and even for heartache. I am the one who decides what they do to me -- not vice versa. And by using what I've learned to become a better person, rather than become bitter, faithless, and empty, I'm better equipped for the future, and better able to recognize where true beauty and joy lies.

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