Sep 28, 2005

I'm getting really stressed out

...and I wish certain PEOPLE would TRUST me for once in my damn life! Just because I've been diagosed with clinical depression does NOT mean my feelings are automatically worth invalidation, or that I'm going to be stupid and do stupid THINGS. Just BECAUSE my past relationships didn't work out, doesen't mean I'm incapable of finding good men! HeLLO, except for my sister who's marrying the first guy she's been in love with, for the rest of us, it's INEVITABLE that all relationships WILL end on a sour note until you find that ONE...and that's if you're LUCKY. So does that mean we should go around living life afraid of heartache? NO. We have to take that risk, and it really is one of the few risks actually WORTH taking in life.

I'm a grown woman; in fact I'm the oldest of all of us. I have a lot of experiences, trial, and immense heartache under my belt. I know what's right and wrong. So STOP trying to SAVE ME FROM MYSELF.

Thank you. And have a good day.

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