Oct 27, 2005

Bryan as Mr. Miagi

Come on..it IS funny. This was taken in early September when Bryan and Jess and I went out to Cheeseburgers in Paradaise.

Oct 26, 2005

I found the sexiest dress for the competition

I had fun with Darrell during my private lesson today -- we danced a full 90 seconds (that's how long it's going to be during the competition) -- and while I have a lot to learn yet, I'm getting there:)

But anyway, afterwards I went to East Towne Mall and bought a dress at the Deb. It's a black halter -- it's low cut, and where it gathers just below my chest there is a cluster of rhinestones. From there it flows out to my knees.

I'm excited about wearing it..and excited about dancing. I love that I'm getting exercise, I'm eating healthier, and I'm looking sexier. My life is going so well right now, despite the problems that pop up...and I'm getting a better at handling my mood swings as well.

Things are just going so well...and I'm so happy that I'm coming out of my shell.

Dance competition

I just realized I never mentioned this in my blog! I've entered a dance competition with my dance company that will be on November 12th in Rockford, Illinois. I will be dancing with my instructor and doing 4 numbers -- two Salsa and two Tango.

I'm excited yet scared at the same time. But I've been needing a hobby (that is away from the computer) and I've been needing a way to be more social. Signing up for this dance class was a scary decision for me, but thanks to Milton (who inadvertently had a LOT to do with it) I decided to do it. He told me how he used to not be able to dance at all, and decided to do the same thing -- learn more about his latin roots and part of that had to do with dancing. Now everyone swears he's the best salsa dancer EVER...and knowing that he did that himself gave me the courage to do the same thing.

I don't have any latin blood in me, but that's alright; I've been studying the language and cultures for almost 17 years now, and I've always loved dance (I was in tap for 6 years as a child). I've always wanted to learn these dances, so now I'm doing it:) It's going to be so much fun...and it's great exercise, a great diversion, and a great self-esteem booster.

Man, I owe Milton so much. He has been there for me and encouraging me every step of the way. He was there for me during the cleanse we both did last week...and helped me remain strong when I was feeling weak and tempted. That man is the best friend anyone could have...and he has just been such an utter miracle in my life.

I don't know if he knows how much he has influenced me for the good. He has, in a way, taken me out of the darkness I was in, and has introduced me to so much more. I enjoy life, I'm healthier and more active than I have ever been, and I know there is someone, as far away as he is, even when he goes to Prague, that is there supporting me and encouraging me.

Between him and my other best friends (you guys know who you are:) I feel like the luckiest woman on the earth. How blessed I truly am, and how much Heavenly Father must love me!

Oct 18, 2005

The address to my InnerLight product website


You'll find more information about the products that have been helping me regain vitality, emotional strength, and of course lose weight:) I have never felt better in my entire life!!

Oct 4, 2005

La vita e bella

I had an amazing weekend with the most incredible man. I start to shake just thinking about how he has positively influenced me and encouraged me to do so much. I am so grateful that I have him in my life.