Oct 26, 2005

I found the sexiest dress for the competition

I had fun with Darrell during my private lesson today -- we danced a full 90 seconds (that's how long it's going to be during the competition) -- and while I have a lot to learn yet, I'm getting there:)

But anyway, afterwards I went to East Towne Mall and bought a dress at the Deb. It's a black halter -- it's low cut, and where it gathers just below my chest there is a cluster of rhinestones. From there it flows out to my knees.

I'm excited about wearing it..and excited about dancing. I love that I'm getting exercise, I'm eating healthier, and I'm looking sexier. My life is going so well right now, despite the problems that pop up...and I'm getting a better at handling my mood swings as well.

Things are just going so well...and I'm so happy that I'm coming out of my shell.

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