Dec 30, 2005

Can I just say??

I am sooooooo glad I'm not with Jeremy anymore!!! He actually wrote me a letter on Christmas Day, wishing me happiness, telling me dealing with me was tough but he holds no ill feelings (LOL yeah, and he was definitely a PEACH to deal with himself), and how he's glad I moved on. Yeah I couldn't help but chuckle...I mean, I got over him less than 2 months after he showed his REAL side last March. Once I saw what he was really made of, I had no desire to even think about him.

Well at least he apologized for doing a wonderful woman wrong. That he sure did. But even though he was an idiot, who to this day I know decided to give up and take the easy route out, I'm sure glad he did. It's funny how hindsight is always 20/20.

Anyway...I thought you'd all want to know. I told you all, they all end up coming back and apologizing. Why? Because I AM a wonderful woman. And I DO deserve the best:)

Dec 9, 2005

Turning 30, FIBS, and smoking catnip

Well, I'm in Indiana right now; at my sister and future brother-in-law's house. I'm down here to celebrate my b-day. I had had hopes of going further south and visiting one of my very best friends on the earth, but that fell through so here I am.

While on my way down here I did keep thinking about how I'd love to be THERE, I decided to focus more on what I do have now. And Gilly and I had fun, except for the whole part where we were in I HATE that state. It was pure construction from entrance into the state to exit! Plus those sons of a B's (sorry to use harsh letters;) have gotten rid of almost ALL the automatic toll booths, and now they are all manual or iPass. This is capitalism at its worst. I mean I'm all for capitalism, I'm more conservative than not, but it just really pisses me off; this obvious ploy to make people buy those dumb iPasses. What about those of us who try to avoid the state when ever possible?? Who don't even live there?? I mean it's horrible...heck I pay taxes so that the FIBS can come up to my state and drive on our roads..why can't they return the favor?? And they call this whole project CONGESTION relief?? It was absolutely horrible...traffic was backed up for miles at each and every non-automatic toll booth.

But anyway...yeah. Gilly and I had a lot of fun listening to Dane Cook's CD (Retaliation) and laughing our arses off while quoting it. I called Milt when we got stuck in the first traffic jam and we had fun talking to him and quoting other hilarious movies...and we began a discussion on catnip.

Catnip. Yes, I've always called it kitty weed. My cats go friggin NUTS when I open up the can and let them smell it. Vader likes to roll around in it and eat it. One day Gilly and I were just watching them and we said, "hmm, I wonder what would happen if a person decided to SMOKE catnip?? Think it would be like weed?"

Now mind you I don't smoke anything, period...but I'm still curious, LOL. I want to do a little study. We found out that others have also tried this; and I guess there are a lot of similar effects to marijuana. Hmmm, well anyone out there have any opinions or experience??

Anyway...that's it for now. Time for bed in good ol' West LaFayette. They're an hour ahead here, so now it's midnight. I'm outtie.