Jan 1, 2006

I have never had so many men vying for my attention...

...since I lived in Spain. My gosh, now I know why I do NOT GO TO CLUBS Well ok, it was wonderfully ego boosting...I mean 20 minutes there, a guy tells the bartender that he wants to buy me a drink. He's real cute (the guy...AND the bartender, lol) and so the bartender asks me, "what you drinking?"

"Shirley Temple" I said seriously. The bartender started laughing. Ok so it IS funny...but hey, that's me :)

So then I keep looking at the guy to thank him but he doesn't look at me. Now for those of you who don't know me, I have ZERO skills in bar/club etiquette. I have no idea how this all works. I don't go to bars/clubs. But suddenly before I know it he's at my side...and I mean LITERALLY at my side. He's pushing into me, chatting it up, blah blah blah. Well he asks me to dance and I go dance a few numbers with him..you know, bumping and grinding kind of thing, which I haven't done in a LONG time. I go back to my post at the bar, get some water, and the midnight countdown is approaching..so he and his two friends grab me and at midnight he kisses me. Ok so that was weird for me, lol. Well after another dance, the girlfriend of his hot friend comes up to me and tells me, "you know, Eric really is in to you. He's shy, but as soon as he saw you walk in, he knew he wanted to buy you a drink and get to know you. But I know how it is to be hit on by men you're not interested in. So just let me know...I'd rather break his heart than have you do it." She was really cool...I told her, "hey, I'm not looking for anything, as long as he understands that, we're cool."

Later, his friend comes over and informs both of us that we are gorgeous, and gorgeous women like us need to be dancing. Gilly and I just looked at each other and started to laugh...but we promised him we'd be out there if they stopped playing Ricky Martin :)

Anyway, at the countdown Gilly wasn't out on the floor with us (I think she was on the phone) but the funny thing is...she ended up kissing him too! More like making out, LOL. She said to me that she thought he was cute..and since I didn't seem so interested, could she go for the kill? I was like "hey, I don't care!" So they started doing shots together, and then "Yeah" by Usher came on, so this hot guy named Bruce pulled me out on the dance floor...very good dancer I might add...and before you know it, I see Gilly totally GRINDING with Eric :) Man that girl can DANCE! Bruce looked over and said, "man they're going at it!" I just couldn't help but smile. I was glad they were hitting it off.

Well after midnight they started selling roses so some other random guy buys a rose and hands it to me. Bruce is telling me what a damn hot body I have and what a fantastic dancer I am....at the end of the night he gave me a rose, too. I got asked to dance by ANOTHER guy when they started playing the last few songs before bar time... and then at 2am another guy leans over to use Gilly's lighter and informs me how stunning I am. Yeah, go figure.

Ok before anyone thinks I'm tooting my own horn, trust me, people, this is NOT something I'm used to. I always figured I was good-looking, but damn, I am just not used to all that. It was so weird...I mean it felt good to know I looked hot and was desirable in person (not just online lol) but what do you do when one guy is grinding his crotch into your knee, has his arm around you while making out with one of your best friends and some other guy is talking to you and trying to get you to stay for the after party?? Girls, how do you normally deal with this?? And let me remind you, I was dead SOBER.

But anyway, I smell like smoke (yuck) and I'm home...it was fun, they played so much hip/hop and stuff that I am used to listening to. But I don't think I'm going to make clubbing a regular thing, LOL....maybe only those times I'm needing an ego boost:)

Well Happy New Year everybody..I hope 2006 brings you everything you hope for and more!

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