Apr 19, 2006

I'm going to NYC!

Yes....to attend the mad-hot Mac Live! conference...it's the learning conference for professionals who use Macs :) I've been to one before in Chicago, and it was absolutely awesome rubbing shoulders with the big names of the digital photography, web and graphic industry. The conference tends to focus mostly on Adobe Photoshop (which is a program I absolutely LOVE and could never learn enough about) but it also concentrates on digital photography techniques, web design, Mac tips and tricks, and other fun stuff. There are give-aways, like expensive Apple computers...iPods...etc.

Plus it's in downtown Manhattan, near Times Square, so I'll be put up in some fancy hotel on Times Square. And the greatest thing is that my work pays for the entire trip...plus $40/day on food, money for tips, the subway, taxis or bus, internet access, etc.

Oh but even better -- Carolyn is coming with me! Woohoo! We're going to tear that town UP! It's going to be glorious...shopping, dancing, tourist attractions, the temple....yeah I can't wait :D

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