Apr 10, 2007

Athiesm doesn't exist

My friend Joshua (More Cow Bell) wrote this on a discussion board on a different web site.

I really do enjoy reading his thoughts, because they are so profound and so, well, advanced compared to the vast majority of people (including me). I can never seem to get my thoughts out clearly, but he does a superb job at it.

Here he explains how Athiesm cannot exist onto itself, and I could not have said it better.

The thing I always find the most interesting about these discussions, is that by the very definition of atheism, everything is irrelevant, including atheism. If there is no God, there is no purpose to life. Good, bad, morality in general is arbitrary. There can be no meaning behind anything, because everything is a random convergence of probabilities. Pain, pleasure, happiness, once again, are entirely irrelevant. Believe in religion, or not? Doesn't matter. Propagate the species, improve society? Doesn't matter. "Believing" in atheism, is acknowledging the fact that your entire existence is arbitrary. Spreading atheism? Doesn't matter. Saving people from the woes of religious ignorance? Doesn't matter!

That being said, I do not, and can not believe in atheism. Why do so many atheists still cling to their morality? They aren't atheists. Chalk it up to to evolution pushing us towards morality as a basis for cooperation and advancement of the species, the light of Christ, or whatever you want to. But it is something innate in humans. As is a belief in a higher power. I do not believe that anyone actually believes there is no higher power. -Anyone-, regardless of what they say.

So while I find discussing the particulars of atheism on a logical level to be interesting, I think it's a futile exercise, because atheism doesn't exist.

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